Bodean's BBQ Muswell Hill

Bodean's BBQ Muswell Hill

Muswell Hill -

It ain’t quite the north face of the Eiger, but if you’ve climbed from the bottom to the summit of Muswell Hill, you’ll have worked up a hearty appetite and in the summertime quite a thirst too.

Now the answer to your prayers sits at the top, offering you, your family and your buddies the warmest welcome to the original and best Kansas City-style smokehouse barbecue in London town right here in the heart of the Broadway.

With the legendary Kinks among your local Muswell Hillbillies, our original artworks celebrate rock’n’roll icons from Little Richard and Iggy Pop to (and who more appropriate for such a meat-eater’s mecca?)

Relaxing in our in ranch-style Valhalla as you banquet beneath our trophy longhorns, take your time to look around, with US sports as well as Premier League and all the top football on our three big screens.

There is no better place to eat, drink and chill than Bodean’s in Muswell Hill.

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Unless of course, you find yourself in North London, happen to climb from the bottom to the top of Muswell Hill, with a couple of healthy sales-oriented pitstops inbetween… Then you’ll have worked up a hearty appetite, that will make a feast of all things porky and smoky absolutely appropriate.

In that case, Bodean’s new venue is the place to go.

Melt-in-the-mouth pulled pork, fall-off-the-bone ribs, super-moist & smoky chicken … but I’m getting ahead of myself!

Followed by (quite literally) ALL THE MEAT by the means of a shared Bodean’s Platter.

Baby back ribs, giant spare rib, smoked chicken smothered in BBQ sauce, burnt ends… it’s all there and it’s all good!

Bodean's BBQ Muswell Hill - Things to do in N London

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But it’s not just our sensational ribs fresh off the grill that has our customer’s leaving satisfied every time!

One of the main reasons that Bodean’s BBQ Muswell Hill has become so popular is that our menu is so diverse that there is choice for everyone, you must try our burnt ends, hot dogs, burgers and steaks, sourced from only the finest meats and that’s before you have seen our chicken, fish, salads, fries, special sauces, dips and desserts!

So we aim to make a stamp on all of our customer’s so that they leave happy, satisfied and full from our delicious BBQ food.

Just click the ‘Takeaway’ button on our website, select your branch of Bodean’s BBQ then select what you want to order and check whether you are going to collect or get it delivered and it’s as simple as that, great tasting BBQ at your fingertips.

Get yourself down to Bodean’s BBQ Muswell Hill and see for yourself what everyone is talking about!

Bodean's BBQ - Muswell Hill - Muswell Hill, North London

Review analysis

Bodean's big value chow never fails to satisfy the inner urban cowboy and cowgal - with a menu stretching from the fisheries of New England thru the corrals of Kansas City and downhome kitchens of the Mississippi Delta to the piquant party-in-your-mouth of New Orleans and the marriage made in tastebud heaven where Tex meets Mex, Bodean's prime pork, beef, chicken, shrimp, chilli and seriously hearty veggie options are served by friendly staff.

It gets even better as you let your forks and fingers move to the groove of God's own soundtrack where if it ain't rockin', it ain't happenin', and by way of a bonus there is no better place to hang and enjoy big screen sport beamed straight from the US of A - the finest in gridiron, diamond, hoop and puck action - and Prem football to boot!

Bodean's BBQ - Muswell Hill (booking) - Muswell Hill, North London

Bodean's BBQ - Muswell Hill (review) - Muswell Hill, North London

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