Inspired by the amazing coffee culture in Australia and New Zealand, Kaffeine is an independently owned cafe and espresso bar.



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Double Skinny Macchiato: The Caffeine Chronicles: Kaffeine Revisited

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This week's instalment of my 'Caffeine Chronicles...Revisited' series shifts a few blocks north from Soho to Fitrzovia for an updated review of Great Titchfield Street's Kaffeine.

This included the same coffee (Square Mile's Red Brick) served as an espresso and as a flat white; unusually, it also came with a palate-cleansing cascara shot.

As it was such a hot day, I didn't feel like a big lunch and luckily, as well as a few sandwiches and plenty of tempting sweet treats (I'm a particular fan of the blondies), Kaffeine always serves a varied selection of salads.

The Eastcastle Street branch was thus much needed, although, with apologies to Cyril Northcote Parkinson, queues do tend to expand to fill the great speciality coffee shops available.

Both Kaffeines are only a few minutes' walk from Oxford Circus but are havens of cool serving top-quality coffee that feel a world away from the crowds of Oxford Street.

Kaffeine coffee bar, Great Titchfield Street, Fitzrovia – review ...

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Situated in the heart of Fitzrovia, Kaffeine is an independent, Aussie/Kiwi-run café located at 66 Great Titchfield Street, a short stroll north of Oxford Street.

Outside, there’s a small amount of seating, while inside the long and narrow shop there’s  raised seats running opposite the counter and a smaller seating area at the rear.

The coffee was pretty good too – perhaps not quite besting Federation and Store Street Espresso, but it was still a mighty fine brew and superior to most other coffee houses in the area.

Other reviews have praised the baguettes, rolls and bakes on offer at Kaffeine, so we’ll have to come back and try some of them another time.

Not surprisingly, as soon as one of the seats opposite the counter became available there was usually a scramble to bagsy one.

Kaffeine Fitzrovia Review | donutsam London Cafe Review Food Blog

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In the space of ten months, my outlook on London coffee has flipped on its head.

How did New Zealand/ Australia get such a good coffee culture?

Sparing you the two thousand or so words, a large part of that was the strong Greek/ Italian immigrant coffee culture.

Nothing is more energising than reuniting with a solid cup of coffee.

One of the best coffee spots in London for very good reason.

Kaffeine, Fitzrovia, London - 79 reviews - Beanhunter

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Better business – Kaffeine | The Caterer

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When Peter Dore-Smith couldn’t find a “decent cup of coffee” he opened his own café, Kaffeine, in London’s Fitzrovia.

But one thing about living in the UK bothered both Dore-Smith and his wife – they couldn’t find what they term a “decent cup of coffee”, so the plan to open Kaffeine was hatched.

Favourite suppliers Even before Dore-Smith started Kaffeine, he began attending coffee community nights, which would see around 30 or 40 enthusiasts meet up to taste and talk about coffee.

“I started to get to know them, told them what I wanted to do, showed them my business plan and visuals and James said he would supply coffee,” Dore-Smith says.

Dore-Smith uses Chef’s Connection for fruit and vegetables, Seven Seeded Bakery for pastries and bread (Kaffeine’s sandwiches, salads and baked treats are produced fresh on site) and London Dairies for milk.

Kaffeine | Restaurants in Fitzrovia, London

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Kaffeine remains incredibly popular with local, mostly young office workers, who seem to crowd in at every hour of the day and make lunchtime a crush.

It’s the coffee and the food and the buzz.

You’ll find much to croon over in the food, which comes up from the basement kitchen constantly as tray after tray sells out.

This is some of the best coffee-bar food in London, whether savoury or sweet, which must explain a lot about the lunchtime crowds.

This was the first poor cup of Kaffeine we’ve ever had.