XOCO Bar & Grill

XOCO Bar & Grill

XOCO Bar & Grill reservation in London East Dulwich. Check reviews of XOCO Bar & Grill with menus, photos, and reserve a table.

XOCO Bar & Grill, London, East Dulwich. Book now!

No such problems at XOCO Bar & Grill.

They’ve been in operation since mid-2016 and in the short time that they have been open, they’ve managed to build a reputation for high quality grilled meats, traditional Indian recipes and an exceptional drinks selection.

XOCO Bar & Grill are known for their flame grilled meat skewers, so that is the logical place to begin when discussing their menu.

Traditional Indian meats such a Malai lamb chops, chicken on the bone and shish kebabs are there to be enjoyed, along with more well-known curries like lamb rogan josh, chicken tikka masala and paneer tikka.

There’s more than a few other dishes besides – including English style burgers – and sides such as rice, chips, naan bread and channa masala, so get online, book a table and set a course for Lordship Lane and one of the best new Indian restaurants in South London at XOCO Bar & Grill.