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We respect our beans, grapes and grains as much as our veg here at Spinach and have something for every hour of the day on our drinks list.

Our coffee is sourced from a local, independent artisan whose passion bursts out in the silky textures of his Moonroast beans.

Sourced from the well known Les Caves De Pyrene, we have a natural Austrian Grüner Veltliner, an Organic Orange wine from Italy, and a Pinot Noir all the way from the New World and everything in between.

To round off your day with a bit of fun, our cocktails will offer something for everyone!

Try our Burnt Citrus Margarita to tickle your taste buds our Apple and Raspberry Crumble to warm you up on a cold winters day.


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Vegetarian London: Opso Restaurant Review | Londonist

Review analysis

In this series, we review restaurants from an entirely vegetarian angle.

While some restaurants will be specifically vegetarian, others will be mainstream.

Along the way, we’ll try to find out, as far as possible, whether chicken stock, cheese made from animal rennet, gelatine, fish sauce and so on are not lurking in the supposedly vegetarian dishes.

Spinach is opening in East Dulwich with a big focus on vegetables ...

The trend towards healthier eating continues apace with the news of a new vegetable-focused restaurant, Spinach coming to East Dulwich.

And while vegetables are very much at the heart of the menu, there's plenty for meat eaters in there too.

Some early example dishes include: It's all being put together by Melissa Harwood, who's been in the restaurant launching business for a while - but this is her first own project.

The place itself is split into two with the bar at the front and the restaurant at the back - with a room that promises lots of greenery and light through the velux windows in the ceiling.

Spinach opens at 161 Lordship Lane, East Dulwich, SE22 8HX in early October.

Spinach London, London, East Dulwich. Book now!

Review analysis

South London is surrounded by superb dining destinations, from Caribbean cafes to neighbourhood curry houses, with no small number of Italian eateries and Chinese classics as well as international favourites of every kind in between.

What sets Spinach London apart, however, is not the provenance of their cuisine, but that of their ingredients.

Spinach London’s menu is seasonal and ever-changing, but you can be sure of the eponymous leaf making a more-than-regular amount of appearances.

Take the London Overground to East Dulwich station and wander along Lordship Lane to treat yourself to its exciting plant-heavy offerings.

We’d like to talk you through the menu, but instead we’ll simply say that you have to experience it for yourself: book a table at Spinach London, where it’s never been easier to eat your fill of greens.

Michael Deacon reviews Spinach, London: 'It gets my pasty, flabby ...

The cruellest month, by a screaming distance, is January.

God, I hate January.

That’s January: a month-long hangover in the dark.

Well, I say month-long.

Rabot 1745, London SE1: restaurant review | Marina O'Loughlin ...

Review analysis
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The Hotel Chocolat company tells us that Rabot 1745 is "Britain's first gourmet chocolate restaurant" specialising in "cocoa cuisine".

And despite the fact that they roast beans on site from their own St Lucia estate – hence the name – there is none of the seductive fug you'd expect from a joint whose ground floor is an actual chocolate factory.

It's not about sweet chocolate until you get to pudding, but rather cocoa bean, nib, rare white cocoa pulp.

But then we meet cocoa nibs in everything from soft-boiled eggs and salsify to focaccia, and the cuteness starts to get very old.

You can have them crusting Scotch eggs (or "nib-crusted quail's egg pearl barley 'scotch egg' with warm salad of roasted vegetables, goats cheese and cacao oil emulsion", as the menu has it).

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