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Blue Brick Cafe review: A little Veggie heaven in a corner of East ...

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Breakfast is my favourite meal of the day, but I like to sleep in on weekends (when I’m not working that is), so brunch becomes a viable and attractive option by the time I emerge sleepy-eyed from my home.

Together with my sister and brother-in-law, we headed into East Dulwich and I had list of potential brunch venues to check out, depending on where had availability without a booking or queue.

As it was around 2pm, most of my party were opting for brunches, although my sister fancied the vegetarian risotto from the lunch specials.

The food was delicious – I particularly liked the homemade baked beans, you could really taste the difference and it was nice to have spinach included, as so many brunch places don’t offer the vegetable as an option.

Overall, we all enjoyed our brunch – and my sister her lunch of risotto.

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Blue Brick Cafe | Restaurants in East Dulwich, London

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A chic, pretty little vegetarian café in south London that's situated in a charming old Victorian dairy.

Occupying a light-filled corner spot (at one time a Victorian dairy) on East Dulwich’s chi-chi North Cross Road, this homely vegetarian bistro fits right in with its neighbours – many of whom sell the same sorts of vintage tea cups, rough-hewn tables, ironically chintzy ornaments and wild flowers that make up its bohemian look.

This is vegetarian food that meat-eaters can definitely get on board with, free from fillers and the usual suspects.

The only problem is finding a free table.

Blue Brick Café – twoVeg

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The vegetarian corner cafe is both cosy and stylish, in an understated way, and is filled with natural light thanks to its huge windows.

The cafe’s popular all-day breakfast menu is extensive, with options to suit all appetites – from porridge to large cooked breakfasts complete with homemade baked beans.

The chalkboard lunch menu offers a soup of the day, three sizeable salads and four hearty mains – usually a spicy chickpea stew, an expertly flavoured curry, a more traditional pasta dish and savoury pancakes.

There are several vegan options on the menu, including half of the cakes, and the majority of dishes can be made vegan on request.

East Dulwich is now one of the most popular places to eat out in South London, and the friendly Blue Brick Café continues to hold its own.